Creative Ways to Alter Ordinary Fixtures

The look of ordinary lighting fixtures can make any room appear plain and dull. Altering them can make a significant difference in the mood and impression left on guests and visitors. In some cases, there is not even the need to switch out the whole fixture.


Lamps are the easiest home lighting components to alter. Switching lamps to different rooms can make the furniture, decor, walls, and flooring look brand new. The shades will direct light to different spots, the height of the lamps will have an effect on shadowing, and the type of lamp will change the style of the room.

Getting new lamp shades will also change the style. Replace that solid colored shade with one that has stripes or patterns on it. Use a craft cutter to make cut-outs along the border or in random places on the shade. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Wall Sconces

These two type of fixtures are also easy to change, as well as cost-effective. Most sconces have individual pieces around each light bulb, such as a glass orb, a metal bowl, or a fluted wood piece. These can all be taken off and replaced with different materials, sizes, colors, and shapes. It is wise to measure the base of the original covers to make sure new ones will fit. There are some styles that do not have covers so the entire fixture will have to be replaced.

Flush Mount Ceiling Lights

Flush mount lights are the ones that are flat to the ceiling. The bulb is connected directly to the main wiring so the domes go around the bulbs. Many styles of modern lighting have been developed to open up that space and allow light to disseminate throughout the whole room instead of having a soft light close to the ceiling. That situation provides a calming glow, but rarely provides enough actual light.

Linear flush mounts are close to the ceiling but do not completely enclose the bulb. Some designs have plenty of spaces where light can shine through and brighten every corner. The difference in how the room appears is astounding. The fixture also adds to the room decor instead of blending into the ceiling.


The choices for exterior Lighting have a dramatic effect on the porch entrance, whether or not the patio is inviting, and the safety of family members and guests to the home. Have fun with this project and add some color and unique shapes to outdoor fixtures. Affordable lights can be found in the shape of garden fairies, lawnmowers, animals, and even castles.